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Why Choose Neowatt for your submittals?




Neowatt has been exclusively doing 80% of Crestron submittals for Crestron directly for the last 3 years! We have completed over 2,000 of their internal submittals. Many submittals you have received were completed by Neowatt’s team of engineers.



Average turnaround time for submittals is 3-5 business days, depending on size of project and complexity. Enterprise level projects will take more time. Contact us to go over project and we can give you a more specific time frame.



Neowatt only works on and supports Crestron systems, so we are experienced in the design and engineering of all Crestron systems. Our team is dedicated to creating documentation and drawings that are as accurate as possible, clear and concise to make installation easier in the field. We help you look great in front of your customers because we use our expertise and knowledge to ensure proper system design, functionality, and that the rights are in place based on the intent and scope needed.



Neowatt is a service based company dedicated to the design and deployment of architectural based lighting control systems for commercial projects. Our designers and systems engineers are specialists with Crestron branded commercial lighting control systems including the new SpaceBuilder platform. The benefits of using Neowatt are both cost savings and speed of deployment. Cost savings is received as you only pay for the time and labor you need, which helps you control your head count and reduce your overhead. Because Neowatt is selective in the projects they take on, they don’t overload their staff and keep the required time lines to complete a job.

We are the team of Experts  you can Trust to get the Job done Right

When you hire Neowatt, you are working with an experienced team of Crestron Commercial Lighting Design Engineers and Systems Solutions professionals. We have over 20 years of experience with Crestron System Design, Field Deployment, Installation, and Programming. We not only know the design, but also real-world application and how electricians think in the field. Now you can add our expertise and our design team to your company’s services and offerings.