— Commercial Lighting Control Design Experts

Our Process

Our goal is to create the highest quality and most accurate submittal possible the first time around. Our team of design engineers are experts in the Crestron Commercial Lighting Controls arena.

  1. Submit your project Neowatt through our secure new project form at https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/1153dc64c812456daa60343a4dff6bc3 for review with all appropriate files.
    • Current Electrical Drawings (full original set preferred)
    • Markups of electrical drawings (if markups are hand drawn a full set of original PDF drawings is required)
    • Bill of Materials and/or Crestron Quote
    • Notes, Emails, and/or documents that provide any important instruction about design intent or scope of work.
    • Fixture schedule
    • Fixture Cut Sheet Package (if available)
    • Specification Package
    • Any other documents that may be of use
  2. We will review the information provided and request any additional information if needed. If issues are found with the current design, we will contact you to review and determine how to best move forward with project.
  3. Once project has been reviewed and determined to be a fully working system without issues, we will prepare an invoice for cost to do the submittal drawings for this project and provide an estimated delivery date.
  4. Once the estimate has been approved and signed, we will begin working on your project.
  5. Invoice will be generated for payment depending on Terms stipulated in Client Information Form. Upon project completion, a full submittal set will be sent to you for your review. the project has been completed a full submittal set will be sent to you for your review along with a sign-off form.
  6. If requested a review of the submittal with one of our design engineers can be setup to review all aspects of the project to make sure everything has been done correctly.
  7. If any issues are found with the submittal either in a personal review or in a review with one of our engineers, we will immediately make the corrections and send the updated submittal back to you.
  8. Once the submittal has been completed to your satisfaction, we will provide the finalized submittal and other documents. Payment is due as stipulated in the Services Agreement.

We communicate with you from start to finish. If we need information, clarification, or need to make a recommendation on design, scope, or any other vital information, we will not only contact you by email, we will follow up with a phone call to ensure your project gets the needed attention and to ensure we meet the deadline set. Our engineers will focus on and dedicate the necessary time on your project to ensure accuracy and the best client experience.